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Support for group grows

Matilda Simmons
Friday, June 03, 2016

WHAT started out from a garage in Nakasi about nine years ago has evolved into an association that has helped hundreds of people with spinal injuries today.

Paul McGoon, the founder and president of the Viti Spinal Injuries Association of Fiji, has no regrets of how life has panned out for him.

Physically-impaired from his neck down with slight movement in his arms, the 54-year-old says his work is about making the lives of those like him easier.

“From being an able-bodied person and being reduced to this was hard to accept,” Mr McGoon said from his Vatuwaqa home.

“But I am not a person that takes things lying down. With the help of my former employers at Williams & Gosling Ltd, we started the Viti Spinal Injuries Association of Fiji in 2007 to help people like me.

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Support for Group Grows


Association provides resources

Mavuku Tokona
Thursday, July 16, 2015

A GIFT that could only be measured in the expression of one’s emotions was given to Elenoa Lagataki of Sukanaivalu Rd in Nabua by the Viti Spinal Injury Association.

“I want to thank God for those who gave this and I will never forget them in my prayers,” was Mrs Lagataki’s evangelical promise when she received her new wheelchair.

Her reaction was echoed by others who received similar gifts on July 4.

The Williams & Gosling container yard in Wailada was filled with hype of activities as the association off-loaded a 20-foot container and distributed items to schools, the Father Law Home, the Ministry of Health and individuals who were identified by the association as requiring assistance, because of spinal injury\

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To give a life of quality

Laura Peveller
Sunday, March 08, 2015


The Viti Spinal Injury Association of Fiji (VSIAF) founded in 2007 by president Paul McGoon is making a monumental difference to the lives of the people of Fiji who are living with spinal injuries and other physical challenges.

The organisation which began in Paul’s garage, has developed into a well-respected team of almost twenty people including vice president Clifford Morris, patron Dave Aidney and a valued board of committee members and trustees who all share the same goal, which is: “That people with spinal cord injury are able to live independently in an equitable, inclusive, integrated community, able to access every aspect of life and contribute to nation building

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